Biodegradable Unity Heart Urns
This urn is handmade using a centuries-old paper making technique. The Paper is made from renewable and 100% natural barks from the mulberry tree  that look and feel every bit as natural as the great outdoors. Each unity urn includes a water-soluble plastic bag which secures the ashes when dry and dissolves quickly when wet. The top of the urn can be opened and resealed for scattering some or all of the ashes prior to it's final placement or burial
Available in three sizes and three styles

Mini 4.25" x 3.25" x 2.5 (30 cubic inches)

Medium 6.5" x 4.5" x 3 (70 cubic inches

Standard 8" x 6.5" x 5" (220 cubic inches
floral heart urn shown open

Biodegradable flower heart urn
Biodegradable wood grain heart urn
Biodegradable pastel color heart urn
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Seeded Biodegradable Heart shaped urns
Peaceful Return Biodegradable Urns are made of hand-crafted papers and available in four sizes. Each urn includes a biodegradable bag, hemp rope, and a seeded paper leaf

The seeded hand-crafted leaf can be planted to yield wildflower blooms of remembrance.
 The urn can be buried or used as a scattering urn with the special spout design.


Keepsake      4″ X 3″ X 6.75″ ...................20  cubic inches   $48.00

 Small        4.75″ X 4″ X 8.25″................50   cubic inches  $64.00

Medium        5.5″ X 4.75″ X 9.75″............130 cubic inches   $80.00

Large       6.5″ X 5.5″ X 11.25″............215 cubic inches   $96.00

Heart Shaped 

Cremation Urns