Biodegradable Urn: Journey Water  Scattering Earth urn 
The journey biodegradable urn is perfect for lake, river or ocean water burial. It's engineered to float momentarily and then gracefully sink. Once submersed, the urn will break down rapidly, gently releasing the ashes into the water. The urn includes a water-soluble plastic bag which secures the ashes when dry and dissolves quickly when wet. The urn can be opened and resealed for scattering some or all of the ashes prior to laying on the surface of the water. Each urn is handmade using a centuries-old paper making technique in which the bark from the mulberry tree is harvested without harming the tree. The bark is soaked, and the resulting pulp is laid out on bamboo screens, with inlays of other materials such and leaves or flowers if desired, then it is dried in the sun. Once dry, the paper is used to create our beautiful and earth-friendly urns. The journey biodegradable urn is suitable for plane travel as it is able to be X-rayed and is therefore TSA approved.

Note that all water burial urns are also suitable for land burial.


Mini (partial ashes or infant) is 8"x 6.5"x2", 60 cubic inches
Price $49.00

Medium: 180" x 10H" x 3"
Price $69.00

Standard (adults) is 14" x 12.5" x 3", 220 cubic inches
Price $ 89.00

light blue scattering bio earth urn
green scattering bio earth urn
tan bio earth urn
dark blue scattering bio earth urn
white bio earth urn
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