Water Burial Shell Urns

Once our biodegradable shell is gently submerged for 60 seconds, it will float for approximately five to twenty minutes (depending on wave action) before descending gracefully. It then gently releases ashes. A great choice for burial at sea. Please carefully read all instructions enclosed in box before use.

Fabricated by hand from recycled and earth-friendly materials. Biodegrades completely in the water within hours. Individually hand-painted. Includes custom designed, protective carrying case for convenient and discreet transportation. Loading ashes into shell is easy. No assembly required. Exceeds durable container and TSA airline carry-on requirements. Part of your purchase of this biodegradable urn is donated to the ocean conservancy in your loved one's name by completing the enclosed card.

Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 6" (400 cubic inches). Ample room for personal notes, mementos or can serve as a double urn or companion urn for two cremated remains.

Price $ 210.00
coral sea shell urn
aqua sea shell urn
peach color sea shell ur
aqua urn shown open
diferent view of coral sea shell urn
diferent view of urn
• Burial at sea (or other body of water): Designed to float for several minutes, then descend gracefully to the depths where they will gently release ashes and biodegrade completely within about 24 hours.

• Water scattering: Many styles can be opened so that some or all of the ashes can be scattered on the surface prior to placing in the water.

• Materials: Made of non-toxic biodegradable materials such as renewable mulberry bark, cast paper or natural clay. All of our biodegradable urns include a non-toxic water soluble bag to contain ashes inside the urn.

• Special Notes:
- All the water burial urns shown above are also suitable for biodegradable land burial.
- Many families choose to retain a small portion of ashes for cremation jewelry or other cremation keepsakes.