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Urn Shape 6
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Baby Blue ceramic urn
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wedgwood blue ceramic urn
Urn Shape 7
Urn Shape 3
Choose a Size

Keepsake 45 cubic inches....$89.95
Use for Baby,Sharing or small pet up to 45 lbs

Small 75 cubic inches....$109.95
use for Child,Sharing or Pet up to 75 lbs

Standard 180 cubic inches.....$149.95
use for Adult or large pet up to 180 lbs

large 220 cubic inches....$179.95
Use for Adult up to 220 lbs.

XLarge 375 cubic inches....$199.95
Use for large Adult or Companion
up to 375 lbs

After Purchase please also complete shape and color choice, and if engraving fill out information and submit 

Urn Shape2
Step Two
Choose a color
Custom Ceramic Cremation Urns
Create you own personalized and custom cremation urn.
Choose the shape, color and size to match your room decor and honor your loved one

These Urns are hand-thrown porcelain so each urn may vary slightly in shape and color.

They Usually ship within 10 
business days.  
Step One
Choose a Shape
Color #15
Color #12
Color #11
Color #13
Color #14
Color #8
Color #9
Color #10
Color #5
Color #4
Color #7
Color #2
Color #3
Color #1
Color #6
Shape #1
Shape #5
Shape #2
Shape #3
Shape #4
Shape #6
Shape #7
Shape #9
Shape #8
Custom Information ( Free )

Shape choice

Color choice

Engraving information (+$20.00 )



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Keepsake Engraved
Keepsake Not Engraved
Small Engraved
Standard Engraved
Standard  Not Engraved
Large Engraved
Large Not  Engraved
XLarge Not Engraved
XLarge Engraved
Small Not Engraved
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