All pieces are hand made from exotic and domestic hardwoods.
 A Minwax polyurethane finish is used on all pieces.
      It is recommended to use Minwax Wood Cleaner occasionally
       when cleaning is needed. 
Simply wipe with a soft cloth for  
     more frequent dusting.

 Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight in order to preserve color.

   Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Store at room temperature.

   All urns have a cap with an o-ring seal to keep contents secured.

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The “Flower Petal” Line of urns come in a variety of colors. 
The wood is dyed, not stained, and coated with a urethane finish. 
Hand crafted in the USA by an expert woodturner who segments the wood together to create a 
one-of-a-kind work of art.  Variations in color and texture only serve to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. 

Available in 3 sizes 

Keepsake    $225.00 
Dimensions   5" D x 4" H 
          20 cubic inches or up to 20 lbs

Small   $275.00 
 Dimensions  7.5" D x 6"H
90 cubic inches or up to 90 lbs 

  Large   $400.00
Dimensions  9.75" D x 8" H
             225 cubic inches or up to 225 lbs
Wood cremation urns dyed blue
Red dyed wood cremation urns
wood cremation urns dyed black
purple dyed wood cremation urns

Red Dyed Wood Cremation Urns

Purple Dyed Wood Cremation Urns

Black Dyed Wood Cremation Urns

Blue Dyed Wood Cremation Urns

Urn Choice
Urn Choice
Urn Choice
Urn Choice
Steve Shannon Cremation Vase Shape Urns in Padauk